We worked with Bauhaus on the creation of testimonial videos for thier bespoke international college. They had very specific marketing targets in specific countries so we sourced actors to fulfil the roles with authentic accents and dialogue.


Earth Breeze

We worked with Earth Breeze UK on several commercials in the last few years. We adapted to their needs. The first project was a real-time garden renovation filmed as a live event. Since then we've made TikToks, Facebook Ads and a variety of other video products. The video above the latest commercial.

Los Angeles, USA

Liberal Democrats

LYou might recognise Reece Oliver from "Britains Tiger Kings" on TV. Well back in 2020 we shot a party political broadcast for him while he was running for local concillor in his ward of Nottingham Strelly. Sadly he didn't win.

Nottingham, UK


We were commissioned to make a short documentary about Purelands meditation park in Nottinghamshire.
We had a great time in such a peaceful environment.

Newark, Nottinghsmshire, UK

Earth Breeze

Earth Breeze love video but they also love their staff too.
So once in a while they make some videos just for fun, for internal use or socials.

Birmingham, UK

Fruit Shoot

A spec commercial we made just for fun.

Chesterfield, UK


A spec commercial we made just for fun.

Chesterfield, UK

Sinai Park House AirB&B

Working at Sinai was a pleasure, this house is a national monument and listed building.
But the owner lets out the loft floor to AirB&B and needed a video to show off the location. We were happy to help.

Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, UK