We worked with BauHaus on the creation of testimonial videos for thier bespoke international college.
They had very specific marketing targets in specific countries so we sourced actors to fulfil the roles with authentic accents and dialogue.Add your product description that will be useful for your customers. Add the exclusive properties of your product that will make customers want to buy it. Write your own text and style it in Store properties on Style tab.

We were blessed to work in such an amazing environment in Staffordshire.
This house stands on a thousand years of history and more.
We worked with the owner on a promo film for the house which is available for  AirBnB.
The owner provided the voice over and script which we are happy to accept.
We can adjust to your budget where ever possible.

We worked on the election campaign video for Reece Oliver who you may recognise from ITVs Britain's Tiger Kings. We was running for local councillor for the Liberal Democrat Party.

We worked with Earth Breeze UK on 5 commercials in the last year.
We adapted to their needs.
The first project was a garden renovation (in a day) that had to be filmed in real time as a live event.
Since then we've made TikToks, Facebook Ads and a variety of other video products. The video to the left is the latest commercial.
This was edited by the client as per their usual work flow.

We created a mini documentary about the Purelands meditation garden in Newark, Nottinghamshire.
By combining a commercial for the open gardens with insights into  meditation we really sold the idea of being in a Japanese garden. We used sympathetic sounds and music to help sell the experience